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Andrés Astaiza

He has developed a 3D modeling software for cutaneous leishmaniasis injuries

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Latin America

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"The frequency with which cultural codes and purchasing trends of consumers is increasingly changing and every year large companies invest millions of dollars to improve their market research. However, the methods used to measure these factors and the responses they obtain are still very similar to those of previous years.

This innovative young man has developed a new method to analyze, both remotely and in real time, the behavior of buyers and sellers at the point of sale: Tele-Anthropology. Based on two technologies i.e. recognition of objects with 3D and infra-red cameras and acoustic fingerprints, this method analyzes the movements and interactions of buyers at the point of sale without the need for human intervention, and monitors verbal exchanges between buyer and seller. Data are gathered through a platform and processed autonomously; they are integrated on an interface which the client can use to review the metrics in cloud computing and get accurate, scalable and up-to-date information.

As a serial entrepreneur, Andrés founded his first company at the age of 21 and he has established a further five startups in the last nine years. His most significant entrepreneurial undertakings include Olfabrand, a market leader in olfactory branding through an electronic fragrance dissemination system in purchasing environments with nanotechnology; Mixua, a company specializing in innovation that is presently developing a project with the IDB; or 5D Experience, a multi-sensory chair that is surpassing the 3D cinema in Colombia and is now being implemented by leading clients in the region."