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Agustín de Marco

He has created an intuitive and flexible tool for creating customized web videos and animations

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Latin America

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"The struggle to stand out and communicate effectively over the Internet and social network sites has found in recent years a new goldmine: video format. Until now, creating animated videos able to effectively convey a message -let alone go viral- usually required the participation of programmers and graphic designers, or the acquisition and use of specific applications and tools. The innovator Agustin de Marco has broken down these barriers with Wideo: a web tool that makes the creation of animated videos as simple “as creating a Word document”.

Wideo follows a premium model that enables the user to generate a video, upload it and share it on the network for free. To create video content this way is up to 100 times cheaper than hiring a design agency, and is faster than learning to operate traditional animation programs.

Other platforms of this type offer limited customization options and the videos that can be created with them all closely resemble each other. However, unlike its competitors, Wideo offers animation options for objects that are part of the video, not only the possibility of input and output transitions, and the Wideos made by other users can be reused for free.

Wideo has more than 90,000 users in 120 countries and keeps on growing with the same purpose for which it was born: to help improve communication between people and bring this type of technology to individuals for whom it was previously inaccessible.

De Marco´s entrepreneurial spirit began to manifest itself at age of 25 when he led the creation of an umbrella organization for cultural exchange programs and volunteer work for foreign students in Argentina. Since then he has founded several projects, including dorms for students or a Spanish school. One of the initiatives that has strongly transformed his environment has been EmprendING, a course designed to promote entrepreneurial culture among engineering students from the University of Buenos Aires."