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Artificial intelligence & robotics

Akhilesh Goveas

Akhilesh Goveas is the founder and CEO of SpectX

Akhilesh Goveas is the founder and CEO of SpectX, an autonomous aerial radiography inspection and asset management startup for difficult-to-access infrastructures such as offshore wind turbines.  SpectX is the first startup to enable X-ray inspections aerially using synchronized drones.

A mechanical engineer with prior work experience in automotive manufacturing, Akhilesh completed his master’s in Sustainable Energy Technologies (TU Delft), specializing in autonomous systems powered by wind energy. 

He modelled and optimized a wind-powered drinking water and electricity production system designed for developing countries with water shortages, before founding SpectX in 2021, and is currently driving the research and development at SpectX to make X-ray non-destructive testing inspections autonomous and cost-effective.

Akhilesh was the finalist for the prestigious Offshore Wind Innovator Awards, 2021 awarded by TKI Wind Op Zee for innovative contributions to the offshore energy transition. 

SpectX was also positioned among the most promising deeptech startups in Europe and was nominated for the Drapers Silicon Fall Pitch Prize, 2022. 

Akhilesh has two publications in the international scientific journal, Wind Energy Science (WES) and was recently selected for the Financial Times T500 list of top digital minds in the Netherlands, under the age of 30.