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Computer & electronics hardware

Yasmin Al-Halawani

Efficient data compression via novel brain-inspired hardware platform

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Khalifa University


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Dr Yasmin Halawani is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at the System-on-Chip Center at Khalifa University (KU) in the area of RRAM-based in-memory computing (IMC) architectures and artificial intelligence applications. She has received her master’s and PhD from KU as well, and has a bachelors from the University of Sharjah, all in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Her current work involves the development of a platform based on brain neurology to improve data compression in a way that allows computations to be performed in parallel on the same physical location where data is stored while reducing memory bottleneck. Among the many benefits, the power and bandwidth required are reduced through the synaptic model, creating a platform that is ideal for use in medical imaging, space exploration, industrial IoT applications, mobile and security applications, and more.