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Artificial intelligence & robotics

Xudong Cao

A self-driving startup Momenta, which grows to a 1 billion unicorn in 2 years

Year Honored


Xudong Cao founded Momenta, an autonomous driving startup, in 2016. He led the team to develop fundamental technologies for autonomous driving based on deep learning, such as environmental perception, semantic HD maps, and data-driven path planning.

They have built a number of solutions across multiple scenarios, including autonomous driving for highway, parking, and urban scenarios. Based on deep learning and the vision-based technology they developed, their technologies and products are high performance, cost effective, and easy to put into mass production.

Momenta has raised more than 200 million USD, with the latest valuation over 1 billion USD, making it a very rare startup company.

Cao was a scientist at Microsoft Research Asia’s computer vision group and developed fundamental technologies applied in many well-known products such as Bing, Xbox, and How-old.