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William Brant

Co-founder of Altris AB

Year Honored

Altris AB


William Brant is an Associate Professor specialising in materials chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden and co-founder of the sodium-ion battery company, Altris AB. William started his journey towards material development after graduating from the University of Sydney in 2010 with honours in Chemistry and receiving the University Medal. William then completed his PhD in 2014 on developing novel electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries before joining an internationally renowned battery research group at Uppsala University in 2015. Within the following six years William was promoted to become the youngest Associate Professor within the Structural Chemistry group and co-founded the start-up company Altris.

Williams research is focused on the design of new materials to be utilised in energy storage devices. His group applies cutting edge analysis tools at international synchrotron and neutron facilities to provide an unprecedented level of detail on the chemical mechanisms determining battery performance. It was William’s extensive experience in material design that led to the invention of an innovative production method for Prussian white, the low-cost, high performing cathode material produced by Altris. The vision for Altris is to produce the world’s most sustainable battery which does not compromise on price or performance.