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Victoria Alonso pérez

Her self-rechargeable collar individually monitors cows and produces real-time loss or theft alerts

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Latin America

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"Uruguay currently has 12 million bovine animals; meanwhile the figure worldwide has risen to more than one billion. In spite of these figures, there is no system that allows cattle breeders to control their animals in real time. which lead, Victoria to create a platform that enables the breeder to remotely monitor their livestock quickly and independently.

In 2013, this young Uruguayan founded IEETech, and after being awarded 70 thousand dollars by ANII (National Agency of Research and Innovation from its name in Spanish), she created Chipsafer: a space that allows us to know the exact location of each animal, detect physical abnormalities that could lead to an epidemic or death, and avoid theft of the livestock. This platform increases efficiency and security in livestock breeding. Some time afterwards, she founded the startup Cloudstat, which uses robotics for precision crop management.

Victoria, an Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of the Republic in Uruguay, was named ""Best Young Inventor"" by the World Intellectual Property Organization and her project Chipsafer was selected from more than 400 projects from 77 countries as one of the winners of the ""2012 International Telecommunication Union Young Innovators Competition"", organized by the International Telecommunications Union."