Photo of Victor Victor Rodriguez Lopez

Biotechnology & medicine

Victor Victor Rodriguez Lopez

Researcher, VioBio Lab

Victor is a postdoctoral researcher from Madrid, Spain devoted to understanding the human visual system for creating clinical instrumentation in optometry and ophthalmology. 

As a member of the VioBio Lab (Institute of Optics, Spanish National Research Council) in Madrid, Victor’s research focuses on understanding how the visual system perceives blur and is developing clinical tools for improving diagnostics in optometry and ophthalmology. 

He is co-inventor of four patents, author of seven scientific publications and has 14 contributions to international conferences. He has also directed four master’s theses. 

His main project consists of the development of a new method using tunable lenses to evaluate the visual prescription faster and more precisely than the traditional method of identifying letters through different lenses. He has obtained funding from the CaixaResearch Validate program 2022 as Project Leader to continue with the commercial development of this technology.

As well as successfully completing several acceleration programs, Victor obtained a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and Technologies from Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) with Cum Laude honors. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Optics and Optometry from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).