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Artificial intelligence & robotics

Somdip Dey

CEO at Nosh Technologies

Year Honored

Nosh Technologies


Somdip Dey, also professionally known as InteliDey, is an Indian-born embedded machine learning researcher, educator, entrepreneur and electronic music producer. Dey is credited to co-develop the Nosh app, an artificial intelligence based food management application, aiming to reduce food waste in the household. Dey also co-founded Nosh Technologies and currently, holds the position of CEO and Chief Scientist in the company.

Every year more than 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted globally, which is both a social and environmental issue. In 2014, Dey’s parents in India went through a car accident that forced him to send back all his money for the medical procedures. With no money in his pocket and to survive hunger for a week, he ended up salvaging edible food from dumpsters. After seeing so much food thrown away by others while pursuing his PhD in the U.K. he ended up co-founding Nosh Technologies in 2020 to use cutting edge technologies to reduce food waste.

At Nosh Technologies Dey invents algorithms and programs leveraging artificial intelligence, blockchain, edge computing and cloud computing to fight food waste and build a more sustainable planet.