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Artificial intelligence & robotics

Pedro Freire

An AI platform that predicts chronic diseases and helps prevent healthcare fraud.

Year Honored

Blue AI


After employee salaries, health insurance costs represent the second largest portion of a company's budget. These costs tend to increase from year to year, often outpacing the rate of inflation, putting an additional strain on a company's finances. The challenge of controlling these costs is compounded by the constant presence of claims. Claims can be difficult to distinguish from fraud.

To find an effective strategy, Pedro Freire created a no-code AI platform that makes it easy for anyone to predict chronic conditions, who should be hospitalized, and identify potential health insurance fraud. Users can drag and drop health insurance claims data into CSV or Excel files, such as Google Drive. They then select machine learning models pre-built and validated by Blue, including predictions for the company's total healthcare spend, which employees should be hospitalized in the next 12 months, which employees are at risk for diabetes, and which claims could be potential fraud. Users do not need to know how to code or have a deep understanding of AI algorithms.

Pedro graduated with a degree in Business Administration, specializing in finance, economics and venture capital. After facing the challenges of his grandparents' cancer treatment, he started developing artificial intelligence applications capable of predicting chronic diseases. With projects that make it easy to use AI to predict such diseases, he participated in the MIT Global Startup Lab and won 1st place at the Harvard and MIT Brazil Conference.