Photo of Pauline Van Dongen

Computer & electronics hardware

Pauline Van Dongen

She combines technology and fashion to maximize the potential benefits of wearables to design the clothes of the future

Year Honored


"As a fashion designer specialized in wearable technology, Pauline Van Dongen based her PhD research on her passion and developed a project called Crafting Wearables which adds new value and meaning to fashion through the use of technology. According to Van Dongen, most wearables are based on cognition and designed from a functional perspective, something which is preventing them from truly integrating into our everyday lives in meaningful ways. For this reason, her aim is to illustrate how fashion can help us reap the full potential benefits of wearable devices. Among her inventions are a belt that acts as an airbag to protect the hips of elderly people in case they fall, and a top that helps users to avoid health problems by identifying incorrect postures."