Photo of Panu Sukitpaneenit

Energy & sustainability

Panu Sukitpaneenit

Advanced Membrane Technology: The Future of Clean Energy and Clean Water Production & Sustainability

Year Honored

Asia Pacific

"The world is advancing towards a new era where our demand for clean water and clean energy is constantly burgeoning due to the rapid growth in population and modern lifestyle of people as well as the increasing awareness of global warming and climate changes. Among several potential solutions, membrane-based separation technology provides the most direct, effective and environmentally-conscious approaches for future clean energy and water sustainability. One of the major challenges to the membrane technology is the lack of effective membranes, which is the heart of the system. What is the desired membrane and how to make it? Panu will present and share his research on designing novel and high separation membrane materials and technologies to harvest clean energy and water in specific areas of renewable biofuel energy (from waste or non-food biomass), clean water production via forward osmosis desalination process, and membrane-based osmotic power generation."