Photo of Mulundu Sichone

Energy & sustainability

Mulundu Sichone

Founder & CEO of the award-winning cleantech startup PYDRO

Year Honored



Water scarcity is an increasingly worrying phenomenon affecting the world population.

Mulundu Sichone, founder & CEO of the award-winning cleantech startup PYDRO, is on a mission to preserve water. Together with his team and through the support of partners, he is developing a fully integrated and self-powered water monitoring solution to help reduce water losses.

PYDRO’s self-powered sensors for water pipes and its disruptive “Sensing as a Service” business model aim to provide water system managers with more data to better understand and monitor their water networks.

To bring his vision to life, Mulundu has raised more than 5 million euros of funding from business angels, VCs, the German government, and the European Innovation Council (EIC).

He firmly believes in the power of kindness and how it can bring people together. His hard work and the fact that he never gives up despite setbacks make him a true innovator under 35.