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Mohammad Hossein Davood Abadi Farahani

Separating industrial chemical mixtures at a molecular level with minimal energy
Mohammad Hossein Davood Abadi Farahani

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Chemical separation is imperative for industries ranging from food, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals. Not only are these processes operating at massive scales, but they also require immense amounts of energy-intensive distillation and evaporation separations. Dr. Farahani, cofounder and CEO of SEPPURE, invented chemical-resistant membranes with pores less than 1 nanometer, enabling chemical separations at a molecular level, without the traditional use of heat. SEPPURE’s sustainable alternative can reduce energy consumption by 90% and conserve billions of gallons of water and billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere every single year.

About Mohammad Hossein Davood Abadi Farahani

Farahani is the cofounder and CEO of SEPPURE. SEPPURE creates novel nano-filters to separate chemical mixtures at a molecular level with minimal energy use. Originally started as a project at the National University of Singapore (NUS) during Farahani’s Ph.D. program, SEPPURE has raised US$2.55M seed funding to commercialize the technology. He received his Ph.D. degree in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering in 2018 from NUS as an A*Star SINGA awardee. His Ph.D. thesis (SEPPURE's core technology) also received global recognition in 2018 via the “Outstanding Postgraduate Research Thesis Award” from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.