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Biotechnology & medicine

Mohamed Shehata

A non-invasive software/CAD system for early and precise identification of renal allograft dysfunction

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University of Louisville


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Mohamed Nazih Shehata is a software engineer operating in the US. His innovation is a non-invasive software/CAD system allowing early and precise identification of renal allograft dysfunction. He is a PhD candidate at the Computer Science and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Louisville, KY USA, where he also received his master’s, and has a bachelor’s from the Department of Computer Engineering and Control Systems from Mansoura University, Egypt. His work with BioImaging Lab has allowed him to create a system that integrates various biomarkers and obtain a final diagnosis of rejection or non-rejection of the graft in a manner that is non-invasive, rapid, accurate, and inexpensive. It reduces dependence on invasive procedures such as biopsies, while allowing doctors to more rapidly respond to their patient’s changing requirements.