Photo of Marwan Abou Dib


Marwan Abou Dib

Started Tekuma Inc, which brings urban innovation into future cities

Marwan Abou Dib started Tekuma Inc, which brings large-scale art installations into the urban public realm. The firm conceived with artist Skylar Tibbets is now supervising the installation of "Air-Wave," a large self-organizing sculpture that will be the centerpiece of a new public space being supported by the Crown Prince. Recently, Abou Dib was instrumental in launching another firm, Tekuma |Frenchman Urban Design LLC, which is creating cities and urban districts in China, Korea, and Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, the firm is responsible for the development of new downtowns in seven cities, providing innovative social cultural and entertainment opportunities for a new generation of Saudis to enjoy the benefits of a more open and liberal society promoted by the Crown Prince.