Computer & electronics hardware

Maja Kuzmanovic

Year Honored

National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science


"Digital artist Maja Kuzmanovic has created striking interactive works that bridge differentartistic traditions and present the viewer with stunningly different visual worlds. She is now working on the Chameleon Project as artist in residence at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands. One part of the project involves an interaction with what looks like a film clip, using little bandwidth with the recently developed Web tool called synchronized multimedia integration language (SMIL, pronounced ""smile"").

In 1997 she developed an interactive piece called Once Upon a Moment, about a worker in a dystopian office who is plagued by ever more sinister nightmares. To tell this story, she drew on film, photography and existing new media work to create an interactive movie and Web site. The Croatian-born Kuzmanovic studied art and design in Italy before starting her undergraduate studies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. There she designed Creation of Change, a CD-ROM that is a collaboration between the disciplines of fashion design, interactive design and graphic design. Interactive art has thus far been a field of enormous promise and uncertain execution. Kuzmanovic might be one of the people who can clarify this murky picture."