Photo of Jia Hao Cheong

Computer & electronics hardware

Jia Hao Cheong

Wireless and Batteryless In-Graft Blood Pressure Monitoring System

Year Honored

Asia Pacific

"Prosthetic grafts are commonly implanted during bypass surgery for lower limb ischemia or as a conduit for haemodialysis but they tend to fail over time. Cheong and his co-workers have developed a wireless and batteryless microscale electronic sensor that could be incorporated inside the graft to monitor in-graft blood pressure. The device is powered by a handheld external reader, using inductive coupling, a technology similar to that of wireless charging phones. The implant provides real-time wireless pressure monitoring, enabling early detection of failing grafts, and allowing for early medical intervention. The novel development will replace the need for regular and costly procedures to detect graft failures."