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Hannah Thomson

Founder CEO The Joy Club

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The Joy Club


Hannah Thomson, Founder CEO, was inspired by her Granny Jean to create The Joy Club. For Jean, retirement was an opportunity for discovery. Her retirement adventures included backpacking around New Zealand, volunteering in Bulgaria, and becoming an amazing painter.

Sadly, not everyone has the same experience of retirement. Older people are facing an epidemic of social isolation and loneliness, with 49% of retirees considering the television or a pet to be their main companion.

On losing Granny Jean to dementia, Hannah decided that the best tribute would be to share Jean’s sense of adventure with as many people as possible. So, she created The Joy Club to enable retirees to meet new people and try new things. Thousands of retirees are now finding joy through The Joy Club, with access to 50+ live online events a month, daily articles and the thriving community.

Hannah has raised £2.2m+ investment and built an impressive team, to deliver on the vision of building the largest and most joyful community of retirees globally.

In an era where social media is often blamed for damaging relationships and making people feel more lonely, Hannah is creating an online community that truly brings people together.