Photo of Guillem Viladomat


Guillem Viladomat

CEO of Durcal, Andorra

Year Honored



Passionate about the mountain, Forrest Gump, and their grandparents, Guillem Viladomat founded his first company Alpify just when he was out of college. It was an emergency app designed for mountain rescues that facilitated contact with emergency services by providing instant information. In 2020 and through several changes, the app evolved to Durcal, the leading app to care of elderly remotely as an alternative to the usual traditional messaging options, connecting the elderly with their relatives in a simpler and more intuitive way. Nowadays, the app has almost 8M downloads. Last September they launched the Durcal Watch, a smartwatch with GPS tracker connected to Movistar Prosegur Alarmas, smart falling alert, and vital signs analysis. The company had several bailouts and, in some cases, lives were saved. The main purpose is to make people’s lives calmer and safer. Guillem’s goal is to improve people’s lives and he is proud of his team, which has a strong personal life combined with this project.