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Biotechnology & medicine

Gabriel Marmentini

He created an organization to promote support for throat cancer patients.

Year Honored

Associação Brasileira de Câncer de Cabeça e Pescoço (ACBG Brasil)


A significant proportion of the cancers affecting the Brazilian population are head and neck cancers. The Brazilian Association for Head and Neck Cancer (ACBG Brasil) was created as a civil society organization to promote systemic changes in the treatment and support of cancer patients in this region. Gabriel Marmentini co-founded ACBG Brasil after his mother suffered from throat cancer and survived a long and painful treatment.

ACBG Brazil's work is wide-ranging and includes advocacy in defense of patients, inclusionthrough welcoming and integration projects, and widespread dissemination of information on the prevention and treatment of head and neck cancer. ACBG Brazil stands out as a valuable and inspiring initiative in the fight against head and neck cancer, providing comprehensive support and seeking to significantly improve the quality of life of patients and Brazilian health policies.

Gabriel, who holds a PhD in Business Administration with a specialization in Social Management and Citizenship, plays a key role in the organization as a co-founder. His dedication is focused on making patients' journeys more bearable and positively influencing healthcare policy in Brazil.