Photo of Charlotte Degot

Energy & sustainability

Charlotte Degot

Founder and Global Leader CO2 AI by BCG, Boston Consulting Group

Year Honored

Boston Consulting Group


For years, Charlotte Degot had been concerned about environmental issues, and watched in alarm as the climate crisis deepened. She could have stayed in her lane as a BCG consultant focused on strategic transformations of Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods companies. But she wanted to do more to help save the planet. A self-starter with a very curious mind, she took a giant leap of faith in the power of computing, left the comfort of her consulting position, returned to school, learned how to code, and dove into the fundamentals of Data Science and AI.

Immersed in the field, she soon discovered the enormous potential and the transformative power of AI—and that her greatest impact could be through using AI to help companies act on their emissions targets. Today the solution Charlotte created, CO2 AI by BCG, enables companies around the world to reliably quantify their emissions, set appropriate targets, and reduce emissions by as much as 40%. This end-to-end, ready-to-deploy software solution can be used across all industries, including oil and gas, biopharmaceuticals, automotive, consumer products, and more.

As well as continuing to lead the CO2 AI team, Charlotte contributes frequently to the global conversation on AI and climate change through speaking, writing, and collaborating with key climate regulation setters and researchers. Each of her own personal actions is guided by her goal of transforming companies´ ability to act on carbon-footprint optimization.