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Carine Lim

Unmasking Alzheimer’s disease with a simple, accurate, and cost-effective blood test
Carine Lim

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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is typically diagnosed at a late stage with subjective, expensive, or invasive methods. Despite intense interest to develop alternative blood-based detection technologies, these technologies are limited by low sensitivity and poor accuracy to brain pathology. With the APEX technology, sensitive, accurate, and direct detection of the earliest and most reflective marker of AD brain pathology from a small volume of blood can be done. The blood test can facilitate early detection and intervention, as well as treatment evaluation, which can improve the success of disease-modifying therapies.

About Carine Lim

Carine is an enthusiastic Biomedical Engineering graduate student at the National University of Singapore. She works at the crossroads of multiple disciplines to tackle challenges in medical diagnostics, with the hope of making a positive impact in patient care. Her research focuses on circulating markers for precision medicine and molecular stratification. Her recent work in developing an accurate blood-based detection for Alzheimer’s disease was highlighted in Nature Communications and other major media. She believes accurate disease detection with circulating biomarkers will benefit patients in facilitating early detection and treatment evaluation, which can improve the success rate of disease-modifying therapies.