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Biotechnology & medicine

Brendan Staunton Staunton

CEO and co-founder of Amara Therapeutics

Year Honored


As CEO and co-founder of Amara Therapeutics, Brendan Staunton is revolutionizing the treatment of pelvic health conditions by delivering digital support to patients’ smartphones, making healthcare more accessible, convenient, and affordable.

Targeting unmet clinical needs in a healthcare setting, Staunton and his team are developing the first digital therapeutic platform for the treatment of Overactive Bladder (OAB), a chronic and debilitating condition that affects over 85 million people in the US and Europe alone. OAB is a complex condition with multiple symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose and treat. Behavioural therapy is the recommended first-line treatment but is notoriously difficult to access due to a lack of specialists and reliance on face-to-face care. Staunton’s app-based treatment, BladderBoss delivers accessible, convenient, and effective behavioral therapy to the patient’s smartphone enabling immediate access to care. Amara has raised over €3 million in funding and its growth plans aims to target other pelvic health conditions.

Staunton has over a decade of experience in the commercialization of medical devices having initially studied Neuroscience at University College Dublin. He also holds an Executive MBA from Smurfit Business School and an MSc in Bio-Innovation from The University of Galway.