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Biotechnology & medicine

Babar Khan

Invented and is now commercializing a sensor using technology that can help keep our water systems safe from bacterial accumulation

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With over 10 years of experience across both academia and industry, Babar started his career as a scientist with a passion for business. During his Ph.D., he successfully developed a system to measure microbial activity in water purification systems using a chemical-based sensor. This technology is being commercialized in collaboration with leading industrial partners to reduce the cost of drinking water production through desalination.

Currently, Babar is engaged with NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s Giga-project, formulating the strategy for the Future of Food while focusing on technology assessment and investments within the Biotech and Life Sciences space.

Along with being co-inventor on multiple patents, Babar holds a BS in Environmental Biology, an MS in Clinical Biology, a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management and a Ph.D. in Bioscience. Babar is passionate about using his experiences to increase sustainability so his children and future generations can continue to enjoy our planet.