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Biotechnology & medicine

Anjali Jaiprakash

Light field retinal diagnostic system to decrease preventable blindness globally.
Anjali Jaiprakash

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Queensland University of Technology

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Dr Anjali Jaiprakash works at the intersection of medicine, engineering and design, with a transdisciplinary approach to develop medical devices that translate robotic vision into affordable systems that can be used to improve healthcare outcomes. This includes a light field retinal diagnostic system to replace the expensive and complex cameras currently used to detect abnormalities such as glaucoma or macular degeneration and decrease preventable blindness. 

Anjali is an advance QLD research fellow at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision and Queensland University of Technology. She is a robobiologist with a PhD in science and a Master’s degree in biotechnology. RoboHub announced Anjali as one of the world's "25 Women in Robotics You Should Know About" in 2017. Anjali won a 2017 Tall Poppy Science Award aimed to recognise the achievements of Australia’s outstanding scientific researchers and communicators.