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Anastasia Volkova

How It’s Made: Autonomous Farms
Anastasia Volkova

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Daily satellite imagery and sensors are now automatic and provide data 24/7, enabling the possibility of autonomous farming. As of present, the agricultural industry does not leverage data, leading to inefficient agricultural production. With autonomous farming, agricultural production can become sustainable through predictive farm-specific models that will help us attend to crop-needs at the right time.  

About Anastasia Volkova

Anastasia founded FluroSat with the aim to close the gap between the application of remote sensing technology in precision agriculture and the insights available in the field. An experienced aeronautical engineer armed with a PhD in autonomous drone navigation, Anastasia’s extensive experience ranges from participating in projects with the NASA robots onboard the International Space Station to managing a 370-person team for UEFA. She has received numerous awards, including Women Creating Change by NSW/ACT (Australian Capital Territory and NSW) Young Achiever Award and the 2017 Amelia Earhart Fellow award.