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Biotechnology & medicine

Álvaro Rojas-Peña

He has developed an extracorporeal organs conservation system for transplants that keeps organs alive during 36 hours

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Latin America

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"Rojas-Peña considers that his job has a big clinical and social impact: “Not only will revolutionize the way they do transplants, but they could, in a matter of years, eliminate the waiting lists and avoid that patients die waiting for a 'coveted' donor. The economical impact is also bigger because patients with terminal chronic diseases are the ones who generate more costs to the system,"" he explains.

Thinking in next 10 to 15 years, Rojas - Peña tries to be able to offer this organs preservation system as a clinical successful and available alternative, but he also thinks about how to develop the idea of treating out of patient’s body organs that have developed local illnesses or small cancers to avoid side effects of current treatments."