Photo of Alisha Fredriksson

Energy & sustainability

Alisha Fredriksson

Co-founder and CEO of Seabound

Alisha Fredriksson is the co-founder and CEO of Seabound, a London-based climate tech startup that builds carbon capture equipment for ships.

Seabound’s novel system can be installed on both existing and new ships to trap up to 95 per cent of CO2 emissions in their exhausts, providing a cost-effective solution to meeting new global regulations and reduce emissions in shipping – one of the world’s last, hard-to-abate sectors.

As a major and growing source of CO2 emissions, shipping faces considerable challenges to decarbonize. Furthermore, new global regulations from 2023 mandate emissions reductions per ship with shipowners facing challenges to comply due to a lack of available technologies.

Seabound’s equipment can reduce more than 95% of CO2 emissions from existing ships and new ships to future-proof them for global regulation, increase their operational lifetime, and reduce their negative impact on the planet.

To date, Fredriksson’s startup has built two working prototypes on land, signed six letters of intent with major shipowners, and secured $4.4 million in seed funding from notable investors including Lowercarbon Capital and Y Combinator.

Prior to co-founding Seabound, Fredriksson launched a climate program, a maritime electro-fuel startup, a climate activist group, a global university and a jewellery social enterprise.