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Aldo Luévano

His domestic robot will serve as a personal assistant for any person or company

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Having a robot as a personal assistant is no longer a matter of science fiction. Advances in artificial intelligence have made possible the autonomous movement of machines as well as making them understand instructions in natural language and to execute the appropriate action. However, although it is increasingly common to find robots in business and commercial environments, the leap to the domestic market has not fully occurred.

Aldo Luévano is the creator of Roomie Bot, an autonomous personal assistant designed specifically for household chores, particularly targeted to people of advanced age or with disabilities. The idea is that its humanoid design and its simple interface will make it possible for anyone to benefit from technological advances, even if they cannot or do not know how to use them at first. For his entrepreneurship, Luévano has been chosen among the Innovators Under 35 Latin America 2018 by the Spanish edition of MIT Technology Review.

"Roomie Bot is a centralized point of assistance that goes beyond what a smartphone offers," its creator states. The robot is enabled with open technology that allows it to connect to any other type of smart devices, such as wearables in the health field. It also has its own platform of health-related services.

"When the robot is configured, an application allows the user to select a series of services, like automatic calling to an ambulance in case of emergency," Luévano states. From that moment on, the interaction with the user takes place through voice commands or through the touchscreen that acts as its face.

Roomie Bot is already marketed in business environments, in the health services sector as well as in other functions, and is customized for the particular needs of each client. For example, a particular company is using them as assistants for corporate decision making. "The personal assistant capabilities are already proven," the Mexican entrepreneur states. When the fundraising round ends, Roomie will be able to scale to mass production for domestic consumer market.

The Director of Business Development at Comau Robotics, Arturo Baroncelli, jury member of Innovators Under 35 Latin America 2018, highlights Luévano's "intuition to launch a business around one of the most promising sectors of service robotics."