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Nanotechnology & materials

Alaa Algargoosh

Developed acoustics and sound technologies that enhance human experience and well-being

Year Honored


Hails From
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Alaa is a PhD student in architecture at the university of Michigan. She is applying the Cymatic shapes in the diffuser that she developed called “The Cymatic Diffusers." This has resulted in an outstanding performance that reduces certain sound defects, such as echo. The diffusers were engineered and based on a system called "Quadratic Residue Sequence" to control the angles of sound reflections from the diffusers to provide more homogeneously distributed sound instead of the focused (mirror-like) reflections that produce echo and build up noise. At the same time, by redirecting the reflected sound, the cymatic diffuser allows the sound energy in the room to be maintained, and therefore the sound reinforcement systems (i.e. microphones and speakers) can be reduced or eliminated based on need. It is an advancement of the methods used in some historical buildings to amplify sounds before the emergence of the sound system technology.

The Cymatic Diffusers requires no energy and the sound diffuser is a sustainable product that utilizes advanced technology that depends on engineering the shape to treat sound defects, allowing the use of healthier and more sustainable materials. It is smart and simple to construct and use.