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Adolfo Valdiviezo

Incorporating real world objects into digital education applications to accelerate learning

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Latin America

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"""I was fortunate enough to discover at a young age that learning is fun."" This is how Adolfo Valdivieso began to recount the journey which led him to create Tullpi, a set of educational applications that interact with objects from the real world and integrate them as elements of digital games. In this way, Tullpi combines the advantages of both traditional didactic games and new technologies. This ingenious proposal has led toValdivieso´s recognition as one of MIT Technology Review, Spanish edition´s InnovatorsUnder 35 Peru 2016.

""Tullpi sells a physical kit for 30 dollars (approximately 28 euros) which includes support accessories for tablets and an adaptor for the frontal camera,"" Valdivieso explains. The adaptor is a tilted mirror which allows the camera to capture the space immediately in front of the tablet. ""An algorithm detects the objects, which are simpleplastic bottle caps, and follows their movement and incorporates them into the game,""the young Peruvian outlines.

To date, Valdivieso has developed three applications, one aimed at learning math,another for drawing and a third for music. Currently, just six months post-launch, over 1,000 children in 10 countries are already using these applications, whether because their parents bought the kit or because they use them at school. Tullpi has signed adeal with the NGO Maba, through their participation in UTEC Ventures, to use these applications in low resource schools throughout Peru.

This young entrepreneur studied physical engineering at the National University ofEngineering (Peru), where he worked as a researcher after obtaining his degree. Hebegan by developing a keyboard and monitor specifically adapted to the needs of blind users. But in 2014 he left this job to found Tullpi and Hackspace Perú, which he currently manages. In 2015, he was selected by Singularity University to participate in their postgraduate program."