Over the past year, 35 top scientific and technological leaders around the world conducted a series of rigorous and prudent reviews. Throughout the process, we have seen innovative achievements of young people from different fields with diverse backgrounds in the Asia-Pacific region. These young people are either innovation leaders of high-tech companies, or scientific research leaders from universities and institutes, representing emerging technology fields such as life sciences, artificial intelligence, energy, and environment.

2021 Judge
1. Rinti Banerjee

Rinti Banerjee

Madhuri Sinha Chair Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

2021 Judge
2. Jianzhu Chen

Jianzhu Chen

Professor, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT

2021 Judge
3. Xiaoyuan (Shawn) Chen

Xiaoyuan (Shawn) Chen

Nasrat Muzayyin Professor, National University of Singapore

2021 Judge
4. Zhijian (James) Chen

Zhijian (James) Chen

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Professor, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

2021 Judge
5. David J Craik

David J Craik

Professor, The University of Queensland

2021 Judge
6. Nicholas Xuanlai Fang

Nicholas Xuanlai Fang

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

2021 Judge
7. Eugene A Fitzgerald

Eugene A Fitzgerald

CEO, Singapore-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alliance for Research and Technology

2021 Judge
8. Maya Hari

Maya Hari

VP and Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Twitter

2021 Judge
9. Andreas Heinrich

Andreas Heinrich

Director, The IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience at Ewha Womans University

2021 Judge
10. Teck-Hua Ho

Teck-Hua Ho

Senior Deputy President and Provost; Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor, National University of Singapore

2021 Judge
11. Linda Hung

Linda Hung

Senior Research Scientist, Toyota Research Institute

2021 Judge
12. Anil K. Jain

Anil K. Jain

Distinguished Professor, Michigan State University

2021 Judge
13. Amitabh Kant

Amitabh Kant

CEO, National Institution for Transforming India

2021 Judge
14. Abhishek Kapur

Abhishek Kapur

Managing Director, KKR Capstone

2021 Judge
15. Ping Koy Lam

Ping Koy Lam

Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Research) , The University of Adelaide

2021 Judge
16. Pooi See Lee

Pooi See Lee‬

Dean of Graduate College, Nanyang Technological University

2021 Judge
17. Max Lu

Max Lu

President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Surrey

2021 Judge
18. Liqun Luo

Liqun Luo

Professor, Stanford University

2021 Judge
19. Indranil Manna

Indranil Manna

President, Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE); Vice Chancellor, Birla Institute of Technology Mesra

2021 Judge
20. Iven Mareels

Iven Mareels

Partner, IBM Global Business Services; Director, IBM ANZ Centre for Applied Research

2021 Judge
21. Anton Middelberg

Anton PJ Middelberg

Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Research) , The University of Adelaide

2021 Judge
22. Dorthe Mikkelsen

Dorthe Mikkelsen

President, MSD in Asia Pacific

Judge 2021
23. Uhtaek Oh

Uhtaek Oh

Director, The Brain Science Institute of KIST

2021 Judge
24. C. H. Raymond Ooi

C. H. Raymond Ooi

Professor, University of Malaya

2021 Judge
25. Cristin Print

Cristin Print

Deputy Chair, The NZ Crown Research Institute ESR

2021 Judge
26. Zhiqiang qiao

Shizhang Qiao

Honorary Professor, University of Queensland

2021 Judge
27. Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd Rahman

Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd Rahman

Professor, Universiti Putra Malaysia

2021 Judge
28. V. Ramgopal Rao

V. Ramgopal Rao

Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

2021 Judge
29. Shanker V Selvadurai

Shanker V Selvadurai

Vice President & CTO, IBM Technology, Asia Pacific

2021 Judge
30. Chunhua Shen

Chunhua Shen

Professor of Computer Science, The University of Adelaide

2021 Judge
31. Jiahai Shi

Jiahai Shi

Assiatant Professor, City University of Hong Kong

2021 Judge
32. Xing Tang

Xing Tang

Vice President of Alibaba Group; The Head of Taobao & Tmall Product Technology and Platform Ecology

2021 Judge
33. Geoffrey Waterhouse

Geoffrey Waterhouse

Associate Professor, The University of Auckland

2021 Judge
34. Nicole Wenderoth

Nicole Wenderoth

Professor, ETH Zürich

2021 Judge
35. Chengqi Zhang

Chengqi Zhang

Associate Vice President and Distinguished Professor, University of Technology Sydney; General Chair, IJCAI-2024