• Innovators Under 35 France 2016
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  • Nicolas Huchet - Social Innovator 2015

    Founder of BionicoHand

    "My goal is to create low-cost prosthetic devices so people can have access to it in the world"

  • Xavier Duportet - Innovator of the Year 2015

    CEO at Eligo Bioscience

    "Current antibiothics are weapons of mass-destruction that kill all the bacterias: the good and the bad ones.
    We are developing a new generation of antibiothics which will eradicate the resistent bacterias
    but also take care of all the other diseases which are caused by virulent infections in your body..."

Innovators Under 35 France

Fourth Edition
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Innovators Under 35 is the global community of innovators, pioneers and promotors of social change curated by MIT Technology Review that wants to transform the world with innovative ideas.

Once again, MIT Technology Review is looking for the brightest minds in France that are changing society and business thanks to their innovations. In 2016, the new edition aims to discover the new generation of French innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs with great talent in all areas related to science & technology: Biotechnology and Medicine, Electronic Hardware, Software, Internet, Telecommunications, Transportation, Nanotechnology and Materials and Energy. 

During the last edition Xavier Duportet received the special mention of Innovator of the Year and Nicolas Huchet, Social Innovator of 2015. 

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