Innovators Under 35 Colombia

Third Edition

Since 2012, Innovators Under 35 Colombia has been discovering the brightest and most innovative young talents in areas such as education, medicine and biotechnology.

This year, after evaluating more than 150 candidates in all areas of technology, we are proud to present the third generation of Innovators Under 35 Colombia and their awesome work.

A water purification system to treat worm infested sewage for use in irrigation and fertilization or an analysis system that improves urban planning; from biomedicine to business, electronics hardware to materials; the projects of the 10 Innovators Under 35 are as disruptive as they are diverse.

They pitched their projects last May 12th in the framework of EmTech Colombia, in front of a large audience of more than 600 decision-makers, entrepreneurs and academics from the European innovation ecosystem. 

Among the ten winners, two received an additional recognition:

Mauricio Betancur named Innovator of the Year for his impact absorbing shoe insoles that absorb impact upon activating an anti-personnel mine, and Daniela Galindo recognized as Social Innovator for creating a software that allows people suffereing from various disabilities to communicate with the rest of the world.

Meet the 10 Innovators Under 35 Colombia 2015. These are their names and their innovative ideas: 

Maier Avendaño, 29

Mauricio Betancur, 33

Daniela Galindo, 26

Juan Gallo, 29

Juan Carlos Guáqueta, 27

Camilo Herrera, 28

John Muñoz, 27

Carolina Osorio, 32

Daniel Ramírez, 29

Santiago Reyes, 33


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