Jan Kędzierski
2017, Europe
CTO and cofounder of FLASH Robotics
Computer Science

Jan Kędzierski, the president, CTO, and co-founder of FLASH Robotics, is using his extensive background in social robotics and robot control to develop EMYS, an interactive, language learning robot for children. EMYS is leveraging the unique, “sponge-like” conditions of 3-7 year old learners with its fully interactive capabilities. The quick bond built between robot and child is achieved through the robot’s highly expressive and immersive yet accessible nature. By teaching children one new foreign word per day, EMYS makes second language learning a part of daily playtime. Although EMYS currently only has Spanish-English and English-Spanish language options, the FLASH Robotics team is developing technology for a range of new languages to be integrated into the system (Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese). EMYS is still in the research and development phase, but Kędzierski hopes to reach full-stage production in the near future and currently cooperates with Japanese market robots providers.