Damya Laoui
2017, Europe
Dendritic cells for new cancer immunotherapies

Damya Laoui, a postdoctoral research scientist at the Myeloid Cell Immunology, the Lab at VIB Vrije Universiteit Brussel, focuses on the use of dendritic cells to develop new cancer immunotherapies. Dendritic cells are responsible for activating the immune system, and Laoui is studying how specific types of these cells taken from surgically-removed tumors could be used to “vaccinate” a patients to slow tumor growth.

Laoui’s is now studying why certain tumors respond better to one type of dendritic cell as compared to others. Although the clinical application of this research is still a way off, Laoui’s approach has great potential to help cancer patients all over the world who cannot benefit for currently available therapeutic alternatives.